Dress Code

We thank the parent community for their continued support in the endeavour of upholding our school uniform policy. Staff and administration at St. Padre Pio are continuing to monitor the implementation of the school’s uniform policy, we would kindly ask our families to review the following:

All students must wear:

  • navy dress pants/walking shorts ( no side pockets, no cargo pants or track pants )
  • skirt optional for girls
  • school crested golf shirt ( short or long sleeve) or school crested white or navy t-shirt
  • School crested navy zip polo sweatshirt, to be worn on top of the crested white golf shirt or school crested t-shirt

Gym uniform

  • Primary students may come to school dressed in their gym uniform only on their gym days
  • JK-3: school crested t-shirt, white or navy (not collared polo), not St. Padre Pio Panthers emblazoned t-shirt (this is for grades 4 – 8)
  • School crested navy gym shorts or school crested navy sweat pants
  • Grades 4 – 8 students are required to change for gym class and are also eligible to play on athletic teams. They will wear: school crested t-shirt (St. Padre Pio Panthers) and school crested black dazzle shorts.

Your continued assistance and collaboration with this matter is greatly appreciated.

The school uniform must be purchased through:


Vaughan Showroom

80 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Units 25 & 26

Toll Free 1-800-668-8261

Tel: 416-593-6900

Web: www.halperns.ca