Our School

St. Padre Pio was established and opened its doors to the community of families in 2005. Over the past years, our school community has grown steadily and our population is presently at 683. In order to accommodate this growth, we have extended our building to include a port-a-pack to comfortably house our growing population of students, just this past summer!

As an academic institution, our mission is to dedicate these important early years to the development and concentration of each child on an intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and physical level. To succeed in our mission, our students, staff and administration strive to establish and promote an educational environment that promotes academic excellence and meets with success on a daily basis through collaborative and high quality teaching and learning opportunities. The success in education that we uphold is due largely to excellence in teaching, to effective delivery of curriculum across the grades, to ensuring that needed resources are available to our students and integrating that valuable knowledge into actions. Recently, our success as a school was acknowledged on a provincial level by being recognized by the Fraser Institute with the Awards for Excellence in Education for both Mathematics and Language.

The success of St. Padre Pio, however, requires the collaboration of all. It is through the active involvement and support from parents, community members and the parish that academic, social and spiritual growth can be successfully achieved. .

Please visit our website regularly to read about how the development of the school is proceeding.

Angela Lomuto-Corriero